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What activities require a permit?
Did you know that many common activities require City permits? Code Enforcement Officers will issue administrative citations when proper approvals have not been obtained for the following types of activities (please note that this list is not all-inclusive).Activities That Require Permits.

Code Enforcement

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1. What activities require a permit?
2. Will my name remain anonymous or be released to the violator?
3. Does a vacant property, including unsecured and open property, need to be registered?
4. Can I file a complaint or report an open or vacant building?
5. What are the fines associated with code violations?
6. Can trash/portable basketball hoops, skateboard ramps etc. be stored on the sidewalk all week?
7. Who do I contact for accumulation of refuse, garbage, scrap, metal, lumber, concrete, asphalt, cans, tires, etc.?
8. Can an inoperative, abandoned or dismantled motor vehicle be stored or parked in view of the public?
9. Can a vehicle park on a front yard or unpaved area(s)?
10. How do I report abandoned discarded or unused furniture, stoves, sinks, toilets, or other furniture and appliances, paint containers, etc.?
11. What violations are NOT enforced by Code Enforcement?